Wing Tzun

According to the legend, Wing Tzun was created by a Shaolin nun named Ng Mui more than 250 years ago in China. The Shaolin Monastery was treacherously burned down but a few of the masters succeded to escape. One of them was Ng Mui, who found refuge in a temple on a mountain.
In order to defeat the enemy, she realised she had to invent a different form of art to win against the much stronger opponents. In her new system Ng Mui used softness instead of hardness, instead of long rigid movements she used short quick ones, instead of a low stance she used a high one. Her system was completely different than the enemy's.

The new system allowed her win fights against the strongest of her enemies of that time. Later on Ng Mui passed on her knowledge to woman called Yim Wing Tzun and the style was named after her.

The system was taught from one generation to another in secret. The former Grand Master Yip Man who died in 1972 was the last person to teach Chinese students exclusively. He was very famous in Hong Kong and taught Bruce Lee for a number of years.

Today there are millions of people practicing variations of Wing Chun worldwide. After Great Grand Master Yip Man died his students went on to create their own associations and used their own versions of spelling of Wing Chun. There are numerous of different lineages of the original Wing Chun today in the world.

The EBMAS Wing Tzun taught in the Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System is the mirror image of the founder Master Emin Boztepe's understanding together with further developments and improvements of Wing Tzun.