What is EBMAS

The letters E.B.M.A.S are the abbreviation of Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System. EBMAS is named after the founder and Chief Instructor Grand Master Emin Boztepe and was founded in 2001.

Anti grapplingIn EBMAS the main emphasis is on self defence. The training doesn't look like regular Martial Arts training. The majority of the training consists of partner drills, based on the practical EBMAS Wing Tzun concepts. However, the important thing for you in EBMAS is to gain the ability to apply these concepts in a self defence situation and not just to have them in theory. According to the Wing Tzun philosophy, the simplest, easiest and most effective way is the best way. EBMAS teaches you how to use your limbs naturally and according to your anatomy. By going through partner exercises you don't just learn but are able to apply the techniques in real life self defence situations. In fact, you don't learn techniques as such at all only in the single forms. In partner drills, or in fight everything is an application based on your anatomy, geometry, mathematics and chemistry. No so called movements as 'techniques' used.

Lat SaoUnder pressure in a training drill with your partner, or in a violent situation on the street the 'techniques' learned in the forms will become applications, more like a deformed punch, or strike, or kick and not a technical pose. This, you learn from training and in order to protect yourself you will have to be able to knock your opponent out from any positions. The only way to get out of a real violent situation is to hurt your attacker.
Therefore in EBMAS the main goal of your training is to ensure that you understand how your movements work, and how the limbs and each muscles of the body participate in helping you to  perform that exact move.

With the help of a realistic approach to teaching every student becomes individually skillful and as such their individual knowledge gives them the ability and increased self confidence to apply the movements if the need arises.

We don't believe in the traditional teaching method where the student needs to move like the instructor and his/her movement is just a copy of the instructors. We don't make a difference between an application for a real life self defence situation or an actual working technique. We simply teach what works. EBMAS Street self defence is proven to be the most effective way of self defence.

You learn how to use your movements very efficiently. In either the street, or in the training room, the movements are the same. We train with a very realistic approach to street situations without leaving any doubt in the student mind if it works.

At training you don't imitate techniques, you learn how to apply them. You train yourself for self defence and not for competitions or demonstrations.

From the EBMAS training exercises your movements become very fast and explosive, without hesitation to respond. Our students find the EBMAS Martial Arts System fulfills their needs, be it a self defence or a health, or past time activity.

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