Grand Master Emin Boztepe

Robert Berki

Hi, My name is Robert Berki. I am the official representative of EBMAS International in Australia.
I am originally from Hungary and moved to Australia in 2002 with the aim of establishing a headquarters here representing EBMAS in Australia.

I have been practicing martial arts since I was a kid and started Wing Tzun in 1991. I have a great enthusiasm for the art and it is my driving force. I believe it shows through my teaching and gives people the motivation to further their studies in this distinctive martial art.
I am committed to spread EBMAS in Australia and will always help and encourage students to reach their highest level in the system and as a result of their commitment achieve Instructor level. There are currently advanced students in his school, who by reaching a high level in their progress will start teaching and opening new schools in the near future making EBMAS available in a wide range of places.
I encourage you if you have ever considered practicing Martial Arts, or have practiced in the past and thought about getting back into training to come down to my classes and see the uniqueness of the Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System. Book a trial class now!

See you at training!

Robert Berki
Chief Instructor
EBMAS Australia